MOVING SHOP Sometime between Jan 22th and Jan 24th .. WE HOPE
Note: Please only schedule one or two appts for the same day.  I appreciate your working with our current scheduling needs.
** Please remind customers to remove all personal belonging out of vehicle before dropping off for detail or Cilajet. 

Please list as much information as possible in the Description field, i.e. type of work, location of work / damage on vehicle, shade of tint etc....

Note:  Please specify what is listed on due bill, Write It Don't Say It or R.O. and if it is a verbal request from customer.

Current Availability

No Appts on Thursdays
For Details Cilajets, Scratches, and waterspots



Jan 29th  anytime after

Permaplate is not being sold any longer.  New product Cilajet is now being sold.


Jan 29th  anytime after

Tints /  Vinyl:   

Available only Mon. Tues and Wed.

Now Accepting Appts on Thurs too.


Jan 27nd 2 appts

Jan 28 No appts

Jan 29th 2 appts

Jan 30th 3 appts

Feb 3rd - 6th open

PDR: Fridays

Large Paint Touch up and Bumper repairs: Tues & Thurs (only non-rainy days)

We can not paint or do bumpers when it is raining or very cold temperatures.  Please make customer aware that if either of these happen on a day that they are scheduled we will need to reschedule.

Waterspots / Scratchs:  - 

Jan 27th  anytime after

Windshield Rock Chips: Any time

Int Repairs:  Weds, Thurs & Fri

( If we have not looked at the vehicle before it was sold, we can not tell how long we will need the vehicle or if it can be repair at the first appt.)

Dealership Appointment Form

Tel: 530-622-5418   Fax: 530-622-5426


Mon - Fri: 8am - 5pm


Niemanns is a family owned local business for over 18 years.  We focus on quality services by professionals and full customer satisfaction.  Our customers are the most valued part of the business.


3M Auto Window Film

Hand Wash & Wax Services

Exterior & Interior Detailing

Exterior Reconditioning

Interior Minor Repairs

Water Damaged Reconditioning

Windshield Rock Chip Repairs


126 Forni Rd

Placerville Ca 95667

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