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May 31st 2021
** Please remind customers to remove all personal belonging out of vehicle before dropping off for detail or Cilajet. 
**Due to the lack on staff on hand and increase in work load we are working diligently to take care of all dealership requests.  Please if you have an emergency call me to check for cancellations.  Thank you 

Please list as much information as possible in the Description field, i.e. type of work, location of work / damage on vehicle, shade of tint etc....

Note:  Please specify what is listed on due bill, Write It Don't Say It or R.O. and if it is a verbal request from customer.

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Current Availability

Updated 07.30.21
Call to check for Cancellations



Aug 9th 2 appts each day


We are booked over 4 weeks out

Please call to get soonest appt.

Tints /  Vinyl:   

We have a new Tinter!! 

Spots go fast so please call.


Aug 9th and on 3 appts per day

Windshield Rock Chips:

Any time

PDentRepairs: Fridays 

Large Paint Touch up and Bumper repairs: Tues & Thurs

We can not paint or do bumpers when it is raining or very cold / hot temperatures.  Please make customer aware that if either of these happen on a day that they are scheduled we will need to reschedule.

Interior Repairs:  Wednesday - must have appt.